Slideshow: Honoring the top canines in cannabis on National Take Your Dog to Work Day


Meet the top dogs at Heroes of the Farm!

Mr. Tony Chubbs

  • Job Title: CEO, Boss, Farm Regulator, and Farm Mascot
  • Job Responsibilities: Day-to-day activities include overseeing all farm staff, barking at every car that enters the property, running the show, and being an overall bada**.

Mad Maxine

  • Job Title: CEO in Training
  • Job Responsibilities: Day-to-day activities include terrorizing anything and everyone on the farm.

About Heroes of the Farm: Quality craft cannabis featuring unique genetics. Cultivated in the foothills of Mt. Hood.


Meet the top dog at Spiritleaf!

Dzl OG (pronounced Diesel)

  • Job Title: Director of Human Relations
  • Job Responsibilities: Although still in school, Dzl has already made a significant impact on the staff and customers in the store with his friendly attitude and willingness to seek his teeth into anything put in front of him. While still finding his voice in the company (and in general), he’s not afraid to let you know when certain things need immediate attention … like lunch. He definitely takes the “Work Hard, Play Hard” motto to another level and has introduced “Nap Hard”, which apparently only applies to him.

About Spiritleaf-BowTrail: Spiritleaf-BowTrail is a cannabis dispensary located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Opened in August 2019, it soon became one of the top performing stores in the city and province. At Spiritleaf, we have a deep passion for cannabis and work hard to cultivate a deep connection with our consumers and partners through understanding and continual engagement.


Meet the top dog at  The+Source!


  • Job Title: Chief Barketing Officer
  • Job Responsibilities: Oversees all marketing for the company.

About The+Source: High Times award-winning dispensary, The+Source has two locations in the Las Vegas Valley: 2550 S. Rainbow Blvd. at the corner of Sahara Ave. in Las Vegas, and 9480 S. Eastern Ave. in Henderson


Meet the top dogs at Higher Ed Hemp Tours!

Ms. Maddog Maddie 

  • Job Title: Chief of Security
  • Job Responsibilities: Day-to-day activities include patrolling the property for disorderly cats, sniffing out imposter products, and keeping our team safe.
  • Hobbies: She loves magic shows and long walks at the beach. But her favorite game is finding hidden treats!

Ms. Yessica Alba 

  • Job Title: Chief Executive Eater
  • Job Responsibilities: Day-to-day activities include snooping daily on snacks and delicious CBD treats. She rolls around the Hemp Tours jeep picking out the coolest hemp spots. She’ll let you know if she doesn’t like you, but don’t worry just give her a treat and she’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand in no time.

About Higher Ed  Hemp Tours: Higher Ed Hemp Tours is on a mission to connect an educated consumer with a verified brand. We create unique hemp experiences to promote hemp adoption and provide a platform to connect the hemp supply chain. Follow us to learn more about how hemp can create a sustainable future.


Meet the top dog at  The Green Solution!


  • Job Title: Chief Operating Officer
  • Job Responsibilities: Oversees day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the company.

About The Green Solution: Since its inception in 2010 as one of the first cannabis companies in Colorado, The Green Solution (TGS) has grown exponentially into one of the top vertically integrated cannabis operators in the nation, now with 21 locations statewide.


Meet the top dog at  Chalice Farms!


  • Job Title: Social Media Manager
  • Job Responsibilities: An average day consists of engaging on social media platforms and coming up with creative social posts for the Chalice Farms page.

About Chalice Farms: Since its inception in 2014 as one of the first cannabis companies in Oregon, Chalice Farms has grown into one of the top cannabis operators in the state, now with seven locations in the Portland metropolitan area.


Meet the top dog at Urbn Leaf!


  • Job Title: Chief Canine Officer, an esteemed member of Urbn Leaf’s legal team, and a longtime proponent of grass.
  • Job Responsibilities: Among other things, her responsibilities include negotiating commercial leashes, liaising with the State Bark, and eating food that falls on the ground.

About Urbn Leaf:  Established in 2016, Urbn Leaf is a medical and adult-use cannabis retailer based in Southern California. It serves medical and adult-use customers, offers a wide range of cannabis products and accessories, and continues to set and exceed industry standards for quality and customer satisfaction.



Meet the top dog at Dash’s Delights!


  • Job Title: The face of the company
  • Job Responsibilities: At 14 years young, Dash is now allowed to sleep on the job – but he refuses to retire.
  • Experience: Dash has had the best results from THC and CBD combinations due to his longtime injury and lifelong nervous conditions and loves to share his story to educate other canine families. He is now an expert in Florida cannabis regulatory compliance, thanks to his mother’s continued at home research and education sessions.

About Lynn Campbell and Dash’s Delights: Lynn is currently consulting within the Florida medical Cannabis industry with clients located throughout the state since 2018. Dashs Delights, Lynn’s online and (pre-COVID) farmers market based, organic soft baked dog treat business began in 2016 when she saw the benefits of the CBD she was taking herself, after dosing her elderly, arthritic, anxiety ridden canine, Dash. Lynn wanted to share her story and positive results with as many as she could, with options available with or without the CBD. Lynn is proudly located within the Tampa Bay Area Community.


Meet the top dogs at NanoSol Pro!


  • Job Title: Head of Security for Nanosol™ Pet
  • Job Responsibilities: Day-to-day activities include keeping the grow safe from intruders such as mice, rabbits and gophers.


  • Job Title: Community Manager at Nanosol™ Pet
  • Job Responsibilities: Day-to-day activities include boosting employee morale, resolving internal conflicts and improving company culture.

About NanoSol Pro: NanoSol Pro is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest quality hemp products, offering a variety of healthcare benefits to both humans and animals.



Meet the top dog at Tribe Tokes!

Archer Pup

  • Job Title: Mascot, Mayor of the West Village
  • Job Responsibilities: Napping on the job, ineffective office guard dog, and being an Instagram influencer (

About Tribe Tokes: Female Founded CBD Vape and Lifestyle Brand, focused on ultra-healthy products 


Meet the top dog at Vital Humic!

Rollo,  aka Doobie, and Junebug

  • Job Titles: QA/QC Inspectors
  • Job Responsibilities: Facility security, product development, facilitating in fiber decortication and durability testing,  and defending the property against the dark squirrel arts.

About Vital Humic: Vital Humic™ was born out of innovation and a love for the environment. The company started years ago in a garage in rural Quebec. After extensive R&D and affirmation of our formulas, they are now proud to distribute all over the world.

The company’s purpose is to enhance quality of life and contribute to a brighter future. They work in the small, understanding that the health of micro life dictates the health of macro life. In the face of unprecedented environmental changes, the company is dedicated to helping life adapt and thrive.


Meet the top dogs at Advanced Nutrients!

Ms. Julie

  • Job Title: Payroll Bark-visor
  • Job Responsibilities: Keeping the money safe, greeting the newcomers and sleeping on the job.

Little Lady 1 and Little Lady 2

  • Job Responsibilities: Come to work dressed to impress only to sleep under the desk!

About Advanced Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients is one of the fastest growing impact brands in the world. Founded in 1999, the company was the first to develop a complete nutrient system that unlocks the true genetic potential of the cannabis plant.


Meet the top dogs at Leech Tishman!


  • Job Title: Sits “second chair” to Mike Sampson, Co-Chair of Leech Tishman’s Cannabis practice group.
  • Job Responsibilities: When Rio is not assisting Mike chase down answers to vexing legal issues affecting the cannabis industry, he enjoys playing ball, having his belly rubbed, and being an all-around goof.

About Leech Tishman: Leech Tishman is committed to providing professional legal service to individuals, businesses and institutions, offering the value you expect and a practical approach.


Meet the top dogs at Harbor Hemp Company!

Ms. Daisy Dinghy

  • Job Title: Sales Coordinator
  • Job Responsibilities: Bringing the good vibes, chilling with customers and making deliveries in the Harbor Hemp whip.

Ms. Birdie Boardwalk

  • Job Title: Customer Service Manager
  • Job Responsibilities: Making customers happy, dropping CBD knowledge and munching on CBD dog treats.

About Harbor Hemp Company: Small batch CBD products crafted in a licensed, cGMP-certified facility in New England. Family-run brand with a global reputation for sourcing the best plant oils and extracts since 1936. Exclusive CBD partner of the New England PGA.


Meet the top dog at PUREXTRACTS!


  • Job Title: Director of Morale
  • Job Responsibilities: Greeting every visitor with a smile and a wagging tail, encouraging frequent breaks and belly rubs, and reducing stress and maintaining chill.

About PUREXTRACTS: PureXtracts [PX] began as a crumble company in 2010 and was the first branded crumble in California. In October 2017, P2 emerged as the first C-Cell cannabis cartridge in California, making positively pure experiences available for everyone.