Idaho herbalist takes down coronavirus mention on website that sells CBD

An herbalist in Idaho who mostly sells CBD products has taken down a mention of coronavirus from her e-commerce site after a warning from federal regulators.

Amy Weidner, owner of Herbal Amy in Nampa, Idaho, made no mention of coronavirus in relation to any of her CBD products. But she included a listing from another herbalist for a “coronavirus protocol” recommending other types of herbal supplements.

The posting elicited a warning this week from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Though the “protocol” did not include any CBD products, the listing said that “a number of the herbs are strongly antiviral for corona viruses,” according to the warning letter.

In response, Weidner took down the posting and told customers that “any claims about health improvement related to herbal uses are not allowed by the FDA.”

She told Hemp Industry Daily that her customers have not been asking about CBD products in relation to the disease.

“I think it was blown way out of proportion,” she said of the warning letter.

The FDA, together with the Federal Trade Commission, issued warning letters to seven companies for making claims that their products would help treat or prevent coronavirus.

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn said Monday that the agencies are aggressively monitoring and pursuing those that place the public health at risk, especially during a significant public health issue like COVID-19, and will “hold bad actors accountable.”