Iowa retailer arrested for selling still-illegal CBD products

An Iowa CBD retailer was arrested after allegedly selling products containing cannabidiol to police.

Lacie Navin, the owner of Your CBD Store, in Ankeny, Iowa, was arrested as part of a task force investigation into businesses selling CBD in the area after multiple complaints.

According to police, this is the first arrest in the state of someone selling CBD over the counter.

Officers from the Mid-Iowa Narcotics Enforcement Task Force purchased products on two occasions from Navin’s store, according to the criminal complaint, which did not specify whether the officers were in uniform or working undercover, the Des Moines Register reported.

Products purchased by the police included CBD gummies and lotion as well as hemp extract oil.

Navin was arrested two days after the second purchase and charged with two counts of controlled substance violation and failure to pay tax on an unlawful substance.

Police reportedly warned other retailers selling CBD in central Iowa to remove all products containing CBD from their store shelves.

Products containing CBD are not legal to be sold or purchased over the counter in Iowa, as CBD still qualifies as a controlled substance in the state. Currently, CBD can legally be sold only in a small number of approved pharmacies.

Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the Iowa Hemp Act in May to legalize hemp production in the state, but the U.S. Department of Agriculture still must approve the state’s hemp plan.

More details about the retailer’s arrest are available here.

4 comments on “Iowa retailer arrested for selling still-illegal CBD products
  1. Luke on

    That’s not the way to do it. Why is CBD such a big problem? Is it because of the profits? It is creating so much confusion that a person doesn’t know if it’s ok to take it or not…

  2. kevin on

    We the people need to demand this change. If you live in IOWA and do not support this person you should be ashamed. And if you do not vote out everyone in office that thinks this product is illegal, then again you should be ashamed.

  3. MsTruth on

    Those cops are scumbags. All pot should be legal, they should know, most of them are drunks or on drugs. CBD is harmless wtf!

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