Kansas gets USDA nod, will take applications for 2020 until June 1

Kansas has won federal approval to oversee hemp production in 2020, saying farmers have until June 1 to submit applications for growing hemp this year.

The state submitted a plan several months ago, and then resubmitted it in April to make suggested changes.

Kansas’ updated regulations charge hemp farmers $100 to apply, plus an additional $1,200 per year for approved applicants. The state is putting no acreage limit or per-acre fees on top of the flat fees. The plan also includes:
  • THC tests to be carried out Kansas Department of Agriculture labs;
  • testing fees of $225 per sample, plus travel time and mileage for officers collecting samples; and
  • a finding that growers with plants with more than 2% THC will be presumed more than negligent.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has now approved 16 state plans to oversee hemp. The agency is still reviewing oversight plans suggested by Arizona, Hawaii and Massachusetts.