Labeling error leads to recall of CBD-infused broth in Vermont

A Vermont broth maker has voluntarily recalled jars of CBD-infused chicken and beef broths over a misunderstanding about labels.

The Simmering Bone sold CBD-infused broth last month at the Vermont Hemp Fest in improperly labeled jars, company owner Rachel Collier told Seven Days, a Burlington-based weekly newspaper.

After Simmering Bone produced the broth, it was inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture at a commercial food facility, according to Seven Days.

Collier then took sealed jars to her home kitchen, added a CBD infusion and resealed the jars and reattached the USDA label – a violation she said she was unaware of.

Food products containing CBD can’t carry a USDA label because the agency doesn’t recognize cannabidiol as safe, a spokesman from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets told the newspaper.

None of the jars infused with CBD have been returned, Collier told Seven Days, and no illnesses have been reported to the state agency.

But the case underscores ongoing confusion about CBD.

Cannabidiol is legal to sell in Vermont – even in food products – but other states consider CBD an illegal drug.

Despite CBD’s legal status in Vermont, CBD is “not allowed in meat or poultry products,” said Trevor Audet, a spokesman for the Vermont food agency.