PLI Press Publishes New Edition of Its Comprehensive Legal Guide to the Business of Marijuana

NEW YORK, September 28, 2020 – Lawyers who represent clients in the fast-growing legal cannabis industry must keep up with an array of evolving guidelines and regulations. Legal Guide to the Business of Marijuana: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Regulation, 2020 Edition, from leading legal publisher PLI Press, offers a comprehensive, practical resource.

The guide covers a wide range of inter-related topics, including the complex and varying state regulation of medical and non-medical marijuana; federal law, enforcement, and preemption and their implications for employment, taxes, and banking; and the various aspects of establishing and managing a marijuana enterprise, including the growing, licensing, labeling, transporting, and distribution of marijuana and related products., PLI Press Publishes New Edition of Its Comprehensive Legal Guide to the Business of Marijuana


For lawyers new to representing marijuana clients, the authors provide an understanding of the definitions of marijuana and other cannabis products, as well as a review of the policy and political issues that have led to the controversy and uncertainty of the current environment.


The new edition adds the latest information on hemp and CBD products, the 2018 Farm Bill, and the Department of Agriculture rules on Establishment of a Domestic Hemp Production Program, and includes a fifty-state survey of the latest medical and recreational cannabis laws and regulations.


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