Hemp Legalization & Regulatory News for Hemp Businesses

McConnell issues Farm Bill ‘guarantee’ that hemp will make final version

Hemp expansion in the next Farm Bill is a “guarantee,” according to the U.S. Senate’s majority leader. Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell said he’s not sure when Congress will finalize a Farm Bill to get to the president’s desk, but he’s certain hemp will be part of that compromise. “It will be in there, I guarantee […]

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Hemp ‘entourage’ trademark dispute widens as companies jostle over use of term

A long-simmering trademark dispute over the word “entourage” got wider this week, with one company asking others in the hemp industry to share how they use the term. Full Spectrum Nutrition, a CBD manufacturer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is calling for other businesses to help it challenge a 2016 trademark on the phrase “entourage hemp.” […]

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Oregon hempseed dispute leads to $21 million lawsuit

A batch of hempseeds in Oregon billed as CBD-rich females that turned out to be neither feminized nor high in the cannabinoid has led to a $21.2 million lawsuit. That’s how much six people say they lost after the seeds resulted in inferior plants, leading to the lawsuit against three seed dealers in a southern Oregon […]

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RI allows medical marijuana to treat autism – after trying FDA-approved CBD

A Rhode Island decision to expand medical marijuana access has a worrying caveat for many in the CBD industry: Patients must first try an FDA-approved version of the drug. That classification by the Food and Drug Administration is currently limited to Epidiolex, an epilepsy treatment made by United Kingdom-based pharmaceutical manufacturer GW Pharmaceuticals. Rhode Island’s health department […]

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3 business takeaways from the Heineken hemp trademark case

Hemp is a booming new industry, but some of the obstacles facing entrepreneurs are decidedly old. That’s the case for a startup hemp beer seeking trademark protection for its new brand, which is running headfirst into a global alcohol giant: Heineken. The dispute centers on a Pennsylvania company’s plans to release a hemp-infused beer, Tiger […]

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Connecticut lawsuit seeks to open state for hemp farming

A Connecticut landowner who wants to grow hemp is suing to force the state to adopt a hemp pilot program. If he succeeds, Aaron Romano would make Connecticut the first state to be ordered by a court to regulate private hemp production. According to the Hartford Courant, Connecticut adopted a law in 2015 removing hemp from state […]

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FDA: CBD shouldn’t be a controlled substance, but treaties require it

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration noted that cannabidiol shouldn’t be a controlled substance, but international treaties require the United States to treat it as one. That revelation from the federal agency appeared in a 27-page memo written after it approved the first drug made with CBD earlier this year. “CBD has negligible potential for abuse,” wrote Dr. Brett […]

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What Farm Bill? Hemp industry shrugs off law’s expiration

The law that ushered in the modern hemp industry in the United States has expired, but hemp growers, processors and retailers are counting on legal assurances that the nation’s experiment in allowing limited hemp production won’t immediately end.

The 2014 Farm Bill, which authorized hemp production under state research programs, expired Sunday – the last day of the federal fiscal year.

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DEA takes some CBD off Schedule 1 – with FDA approval

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has taken some cannabidiol off the most restrictive class of controlled substances, a move that allows the sale of the first nonsynthetic, cannabis-derived medicine to win federal approval.

The agency announced Thursday that drugs including “finished dosage formulations” of CBD with THC below 0.1% will be considered Schedule 5 drugs, as long as the medications have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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