Louisiana Senate votes in favor of legalizing hemp, CBD

Hemp and cannabidiol legalization could become a reality in Louisiana after the state Senate’s 34-2 vote on a bill to allow production and sales.

Supporters of the bill say legalizing hemp production would allow farmers to diversify their crops and that creating CBD regulations for businesses in Louisiana would end regulatory confusion.

“Every single farmer that I’ve been in contact with is for this bill,” Republican state Sen. Norby Chabert said.

In a state with “one of the most restrictive programs in the country,” according to lawmakers, the legislation approved Saturday would give regulatory authority for testing, enforcement and regulation of hemp production to the Louisiana Department of Agriculture.

If the measure becomes law, the state’s agriculture department would have to submit a plan for hemp regulation to the U.S. Department of Agriculture by Nov. 1.

The bill would also prohibit sales of food and beverages containing CBD until the FDA approves it as an ingredient.

The Senate heavily rewrote the Louisiana House version of the bill, so the legislation must be reviewed before it can be passed.

Louisiana’s legislative session ends Thursday.

– Associated Press and Hemp Industry Daily