Massachusetts enacts law allowing hemp sales in MJ dispensaries

Massachusetts’ hemp growers can now sell smokable flower and hemp extracts to the state’s 236 marijuana dispensaries.

A new rule that took effect Monday gives Massachusetts hemp farmers instructions for testing and labeling their products for sale to adult-use or medical marijuana shoppers.

The change was made by Massachusetts lawmakers late last year. The change applies only to farmers growing hemp in Massachusetts; out-of-state hemp products remain off-limits for Massachusetts marijuana retailers.

The new rules require hemp products sold in Massachusetts dispensaries to carry labels that include:

  • Manufacturer name and address.
  • THC and CBD concentrations.
  • A warning that the product “has not been tested, analyzed, or approved by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources or the FDA.”

The law did not end a prohibition on processing hemp and marijuana products at the same locations. Marijuana manufacturers will need licenses from the state agriculture department before producing products listed as hemp or hemp-derived.

Massachusetts has about 65 hemp farmers on 407 acres and 95,000 indoor square feet this year.

Massachusetts has about 168 recreational marijuana retailers and 68 medical marijuana retailers. Those dispensaries sold about $1.4 billion-$1.7 billion worth of product last year, according to the 2021 MJBizFactbook.