MJBizCon 2020 rebooting as entirely digital experience, in-person canceled

Marijuana Business Daily announced it is canceling its in-person flagship conference, MJBizCon, for 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic and will instead offer a five-week digital conference and trade show starting Nov. 2 and culminating with the main event Dec. 2-4.
MJBizCon, the cannabis industry’s largest event, was originally scheduled to take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).
received official word from the LVCC that it cannot host an event of MJBizCon’s size this year. This follows a similar announcement by Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak, who said restrictions on in-person events continue to prevent a conference the size of MJBizCon from occurring because of the coronavirus and the risk of spread. With these decisions, MJBizDaily can’t hold the live event this year.
Instead, MJBizCon attendees can participate in a five-week digital event beginning Nov. 2, one day before the presidential election.“While it’s disappointing we cannot gather in Vegas this year, we will still bring the industry together to learn, network, establish business connections, create deal flow and – just as importantly – have some fun,” said MJBizDaily CEO Chris Walsh.

Over 40 speakers will cover topics such as the impact of the U.S. election, regional and global market analysis, progress and opportunities in cannabis investing and science.

Additionally, the event sets aside an entire day for hemp networking and education. Topics in the Nov. 30 Hemp Industry Daily Forum include the latest guidance on global CBD regulations and new strategies for cultivation success.

General sessions will explore the impact of technology on cultivation and operations, plus discussions about the future of marketing and retail.

“We’ve set up unique opportunities for the cannabis community to come together online,” explained Jess Tyler, Senior Vice President for events and strategic development at MJBizDaily. “Instead of expecting everyone to be online all day for a week straight, attendees can access timely, rich content in quick, deep dives over time then come together for core offerings December 2-4.”

The all-digital MJBizCon will also offer networking opportunities and product demonstrations.

This year’s keynote speaker is John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market  as well as the co-author of “Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business.”

Registration is open.

2 comments on “MJBizCon 2020 rebooting as entirely digital experience, in-person canceled
  1. Pat Jack on

    After attending the live launch and debut of the [ MJBizConNEXT Direct ‘Virtual’ ] conference series, and focusing on the Hemp Industry Daily ‘sistah’ show side of the virtual conference equation, after having taken time to reflect, write (post), and podcast on the experience — all while continuing persistent login attendance — I am both prepared to take full advantage of and really excited to be attending this next all-digital MJBizCon starting November 2, 2020. Perhaps a special report is in order!

    Four screens? PfHaaa! Six screens, a projector and two monster machines engaged captains! (I really should order that high end gaming chair)

    I continue to access and use the debut launch of MJBizConNEXT Direct virtual and am just totally stoked to add another virtual MJBizCon into the mix while getting a first hand crack at what will surely be upgrades and streamlining for the graphical user interface, the user experience and the backend web development offered to attendees. Another ‘sesh’ with Shannon, Laura and Kristen is on the books, stoked!

  2. Pat Jack on

    To create the continuance and persistence of these conferences virtually where we can access them over very long periods of time will hopefully grow into the addition of persisting international virtual MJBizCon to thicken the pot of delicious conference gumbo that MJBizCon is cooking to perfection in the virtual, online, cannabis and hemp industries; conferences that literally stick to the ribs, forever-conferences.

    I’m most interested to see who sticks around and stays active for the long term as this virtual conference offers both an unusually lengthy ‘live duration’, and like the first virtual conference offers the launching of continuing series of virtual MJBizCon’s creating a virtual conference “home away from home” for attendees and operations principals in the hemp industry to provide a touch’stone’, perpetual conference experience. I look forward to cultivating a bloated inbox filled with industry value and adding many new connections.

    That this virtual conference occurs just after Northern latitudes’ -CropTober- flower curing is well underway and Southern hemp cultivating latitudes’ harvests and hang drying are finishing is really, really exciting for the potentials of #SmokableHempFlower. Smokable hemp, busting a big move this harvest season to deny the Covid year’s challenges and instead yielding the continuation of the piloting, the vigorous flowering, of the hemp and cannabis virtual online conference paradigm!

    #SmokableHempFlower — for the win.

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