Nevada hemp company seeks right to grow on city-owned land

Nevada’s capital city is facing a lawsuit from a hemp cultivator blocked from growing the crop on about 100 acres of city-owned property.

Tahoe Hemp filed suit against Carson City last month, saying the municipality acted in bad faith when it blocked the company from growing hemp on 100 acres.

Carson City officials said some of the land was purchased with money obtained under a state land grant that prohibits any use of the property other than ranching or preserving open space, cultural or wildlife resources.

Tahoe Hemp is arguing that:

  • The previous owner of the property maintained agricultural rights on the land when the city purchased it.
  • Under the existing agricultural rights, it should be allowed to grow plants.

The state agriculture department requested authorization in 2019 from Carson City to move forward with a permit to cultivate on the property, but instead, the city sent Tahoe Hemp a cease-and-desist order in November.

The hemp company is seeking $15 million in damages and lawyer fees.

– Associated Press