New Mexico bans out-of-state CBD products – but only in dispensaries

The confusing legal status of CBD products persists as New Mexico authorities warn medical marijuana dispensaries to stop carrying CBD from out of state.

The New Mexico Health Department told the state’s 72 dispensaries last month that selling CBD produced outside New Mexico or from plants grown elsewhere “must cease,” according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

New Mexico’s 2007 MMJ law forbids businesses licensed under that statute from bringing marijuana or cannabis-derived products, including CBD, into New Mexico.

But the ban on out-of-state CBD does not appear to apply to traditional retailers like health-food stores.

“There exists no law in New Mexico covering CBD-only shops – the non-dispensaries,” Health Department spokesman David Morgan told the newspaper.

Some medical marijuana retailers say they’re galled at the different standards.

“It’s definitely impacting dispensaries in New Mexico … because of other businesses not regulated by the Department of Health that are allowed to sell these products and get them from an out-of-state source,” said Marissa Novel, spokeswoman for Ultra Health, a Phoenix-based company with 10 licensed dispensaries in New Mexico.