New York prosecutor to drop marijuana charges in Vermont hemp seizure

Prosecutors are planning to drop all charges against the man arrested on marijuana possession charges in connection with a case in which 106 pounds of hemp plants shipped from Vermont were mistaken as MJ and seized by the New York Police Department.

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office said that Ronen Levy’s felony marijuana possession charge will likely be dismissed Dec. 2.

Levy was arrested Nov. 2 after going to a police station to collect 106 pounds of plants that were seized during shipping from a Vermont farm. They were headed to Green Angel CBD, a retail store owned by his brother, Oren Levy.

The Levys said the plants were legal hemp used for extracting CBD.

Fox Holler Farms, the Vermont hemp farm that sent the shipment to Levy, said every box of its product contained clear documentation and test results showing undetectable levels of THC.

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, it was legal for Fox Holler to transport the hemp to Green Angel CBD in New York, as well as any other state in the country. But the NYPD said the buyer had no bill of lading to justify the delivery.

Further, the police claimed that a field test came back positive for marijuana, but those tests often can’t distinguish legal hemp from pot.

New York allows the sale of CBD products, but only if they’re labeled as dietary supplements. A bill to expand New York’s CBD law is expected to be vetoed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

– Associated Press and Hemp Industry Daily

3 comments on “New York prosecutor to drop marijuana charges in Vermont hemp seizure
  1. Luke on

    I think that we’ll hear quite a lot about this case. I just hope that it gets solved as quickly as possible and in the favour of the “guilty” one.
    Well, It’s not so easy to distinguish hemp from cannabis, but don’t they have any accurate testing methods like HPLC?

  2. hempman on

    Since the law has changed to favor hemp farming and extraction, maybe the laws will soon change for all cannabis to be used legally. The police should find murderers and heroin dealers instead of chasing MJ and hemp on the streets. What a waste of taxpayer money! Make America Hemp Again and quit harassing the citizens of this Nation for Pete’s sake!

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