NIHC proposes new CBD testing and labeling standards to boost consumer confidence

The National Industrial Hemp Council of America is the next trade group getting involved in testing and labeling standards for hemp-derived CBD.

The organization announced this week that it is working with industry partners to roll out a pilot program establishing standards for product testing protocols and laboratories.

Program participants can label products with the eventual NIHC approval label, ensuring accuracy in product labeling that will set standards for ingredients and strengthen consumer confidence in CBD products with the seal.

“Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, consumers have been waiting for the FDA to act on CBD,” said Patrick Atagi, President and CEO of the National Industrial Hemp Council of America, in a statement.

“Without any guidance from the FDA thus far, NIHC is stepping up to develop our own testing standards and labeling protocols that we believe will enhance consumer safety and protect the consumer’s right to know.”

NIHC wants to establish an accurate, consistent testing regime and comprehensive certification focused on product labeling integrity.

The organization is in talks with testing companies, labs and third-party verifiers to develop a program that will test the potency and safety profile of all cannabinoids.

A critical aspect of the program will include using third-party accreditation bodies to certify that labs are following appropriate testing protocols and calibrating their equipment, and that testing is executed by properly trained technicians.

Food Safety Net Services, a food and consumer product testing company, will lead the effort.

“This initiative will bring value to the marketplace and peace of mind to the consumer with reliable and transparent information about CBD products,” said Barry Carpenter, NIHC Board member, NIHC Standards Committee chair, and senior advisor for regulatory affairs and client relations for Food Safety Net Services.

The NIHC plans to partner with international standards bodies in the pilot program that will offer enrollment for CBD companies and laboratories.