North Dakota Looking for Hemp Farmers

North Dakota farmers now have a new alternative if they’re tired of growing traditional crops.

The state’s agricultural department is looking for volunteers to start growing industrial hemp under a pilot program, according to AG Week.

Participants will only be permitted to grow hemp for “agricultural or academic research,” and not for profit. But they could get the jump on a new industry if North Dakota further liberalizes its hemp laws.

Those interested must hand in a project proposal, a signed memo of understanding and a request for seeds. The deadline is Jan. 1, and applications will be examined by the state’s agricultural commissioner.

The hemp industry has been growing quickly in recent years, with states such as Kentucky and Colorado successfully harvesting sizable crops.

Also in North Dakota this week, the secretary of state rejected an initial attempt to put medical cannabis on the state’s 2016 ballot due to improper petition formatting.

The North Dakota Committee for Medical Marijuana, which is behind the campaign, immediately promised that the application would be corrected and re-submitted.