Officials crack down on CBD in South Carolina beach community

Warning that “people are overdosing” on the product, authorities in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, announced plans to seize CBD and test it for traces of THC.

The plan was announced this week at a city council meeting after a presentation by South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Maj. Frank O’Neal, according to Myrtle Beach TV station WMBF.

“We’re having problems across the country where people are overdosing because there is no regulation as to what is actually in the containers they sell as CBD oil,” O’Neal said.

The crackdown comes as South Carolina is expanding the number of licensed hemp farmers, from 20 this year to 40 in 2019.

South Carolina legalized CBD in 2014, but only for people with severe types of epilepsy. Medical CBD is limited to 0.9% THC in South Carolina, three times the federal legal limit for hemp.

Nonmedical CBD products sold over the counter in South Carolina must contain 0% THC.

One retailer who attended the Myrtle Beach meeting said he doesn’t oppose police testing his products.

“I believe a lot of the health concern is … synthetic CBD” rather than THC, said David Spang, owner of Coastal Green Wellness in Myrtle Beach.

9 comments on “Officials crack down on CBD in South Carolina beach community
  1. Ziggy on

    How many people “across the country” have overdosed on CBD oils? How many in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? Getting sick, like when about 50 people in Utah fell ill last fall, is not overdosing.

    There has been NO news of CBD overdosing…until this claim by South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Maj. Frank O’Neal.

    It appears to be another example of an ignorant, fear mongering, uninformed policeman attempting to destroy a nascent, beneficial, well intended, legal industry.


    • Michelle Daily on

      Exactly! It’s never happened and impossible to overdose on. True as someone said synthetics could be an issue.
      If people are getting “sick” having flu like symptoms etc after taking for a few days and it’s a good product it’s simply doing its JOB and they are detoxifying their bodies. Commonly called the herxheimer effect!
      Thank you for your comment. People need educated and ignorance such as his needs called out!

  2. Steve Thompson on

    If we can stop the stupid dance. You can’t OD from real cbd oil–maybe just a get a bad case of the chyts like Cod Liver Oil…..the crap they sell in Gas stations should be tested and if it is junk, throw the gas station owner the distributor and producer in the slammer and watch how fast that stops. DITTO KRATOM–real kratom is A-OK its the crap being packaged abs sold in convince stores and gas stations that is poison.
    Treat it like anything else PURE FOOD AND DRUG ACT–and stop pointing phocking fingers at the good guys.

  3. Andrew Rich on

    Nonsense OD on CBD oil … And another thing is calling anything thats synthetic, Cannabis is Ludicrous that drives me nuts ..

  4. Karen on

    is so there no crime in Myrtle Beach, so the city government thinks it a judicious use of tax dollars to use law enforcement officers to confiscate legally sold products to ‘test’ it for THC? Wow

  5. Dale Jones on

    Total BS that a person can OD on CBD oil. Maybe the State Attorney General and Law Enforcement Agency should start testing the crap that is being sold at gas stations and convenience stores for authenticity. The customer needs to educate themselves on “quality” CBD oil. Where is the third party documentation and certificate of analysis on the product? Does it offer a 60-day money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied? Only buy your CBD oil from a reputable source that offers documentation and a guarantee for quality.

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