Oklahoma expanding into commercial hemp production, setting transport rules

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt’s freshly inked signature on legislation moves hemp from a pilot project to full commercial production plan under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Stitt signed the bill on April 18, with bipartisan support from state lawmakers.

Rules should be in place in time to allow commercial production in 2020, according to Public Radio Tulsa.

Oklahoma’s pilot research program remains for the 2019 season.

The agriculture department estimates roughly 1,300 acres will be planted in 2019, about three times more than what was planted in 2018.

The legislation was signed the same week an Oklahoma hemp company filed a lawsuit against a federal agricultural official for allegedly trying to keep farmers from participating in the state’s industrial hemp pilot program through false and unlawful statements.

The new law sets up processing licenses and calls for new hemp-transportation rules from the agriculture department.

Oklahoma is still sorting out a criminal case from earlier this year in which a load of hemp moving from Kentucky to Colorado was stopped and detained as possible marijuana.

A bill to regulate CBD sales in Oklahoma is still pending in the state Legislature.

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  1. Ray on

    Scotto Biggs Bio from USDA web site.

    STILLWATER, Okla. – Nov. 8, 2017- The Trump Administration recently appointed Scott Biggs as the new State Executive Director (SED) for the USDA Oklahoma Farm Service Agency (FSA). Biggs joined the Oklahoma FSA team on Thursday, Nov 2.

    Biggs obtained a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University and later attended the University of Oklahoma where he acquired a juris doctorate. He was most recently a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Biggs is well known in the Oklahoma agricultural community for his work and support of legislation and programs to enhance agriculture in the state. He and his wife Dr. Rosslyn Biggs currently reside on their farm in Chickasha, Oklahoma, with their two daughters, Maguire and Spencer.

    The Farm Service Agency serves farmers, ranchers and agricultural partners through the delivery of effective, efficient agricultural programs. The agency offers farmers a strong safety net through the administration of farm commodity and disaster programs. FSA continues to conserve natural resources and also provides credit to agricultural producers who are unable to receive private, commercial credit, including special emphasis on beginning, underserved and women farmers and ranchers.

    Under the direction of Secretary Sonny Perdue, the USDA will always be facts-based and data-driven, with a decision-making mindset that is customer-focused. Secretary Perdue leads the USDA with four guiding principles: to maximize the ability of American agriculture to create jobs, sell foods and fiber, and feed and clothe the world; to prioritize customer service for the taxpayers; to ensure that our food supply is safe and secure; and to maintain good stewardship of the natural resources that provide us with our miraculous bounty. And understanding that we live in a global economy where trade is of top importance, Secretary Perdue has pledged to be an unapologetic advocate for American agriculture.

    As SED, Biggs will use his leadership experience to oversee FSA programs in a customer-focused manner to ensure a safe, affordable, abundant and nutritious food supply for consumers.

    Note: The Biggs family are supported by federal government paychecks and make good “yes men” for the feds and his boss Sonny Perdue. There is no doubt that Scott Biggs knows the value of a booming hemp industry, what bothers me is what is going on that he is not sticking up for the farmers 100%? The USDA is supposed to be facts based, Fact hemp is a legal crop. Biggs needs to support American hemp farmers now!

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