Oregon bill advancing delta-8 THC limits awaits governor’s signature

Oregon lawmakers have agreed on new limits for hemp-derived products including delta-8 THC.

A bill that cleared the legislature Saturday and now awaits Gov. Kate Brown’s signature would ban the sale of hemp products containing THC to minors, reported (Medford’s) KDRV-TV.

According to co-sponsor Rep. Lily Morgan, the legislation was drafted with input from several sources, including legal marijuana growers and law enforcement, to better protect minors and communities from hemp-derived THC products.

The bill defines adult-use cannabis, artificially derived cannabinoids, delta-9 THC, and total delta-9 THC for statutes related to marijuana and industrial hemp.

If approved by Gov. Brown, the legislation would also:

  • Allow the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, the agency that regulates marijuana, and the Oregon Department of Agriculture to set THC concentration limits for hemp products sold in general commerce.
  • Expand ODA’s authority to license all hemp product manufacturers.
  • Give ODA the go-ahead to submit its hemp production and manufacturing plan to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (the state withdrew its proposal late last year).