Oregon city considering hemp production ban

Hemp bans in California towns are common as the crop struggles to gather broad support in a state where nearly half of its counties outlaws hemp production.

But in Oregon, where hemp has become a widely accepted stable, one city is considering banning production within its limits.

The Medford City Council this week reviewed possible code changes that address the city’s concerns. Medford previously banned growing recreational marijuana, according to the Mail Tribune.

The council is also reviewing where hemp-processing facilities might be located, most likely in areas zoned industrial or heavy commercial.

The city of Medford currently doesn’t have any hemp grows inside city limits, though there are hemp grow sites just outside the city, including one near an elementary school.

Medford passed a number of ordinances from 2015 to 2018 related to marijuana, with councilors concerned about the impact on neighbors particularly because of the flower’s strong odor.

After the recreational marijuana ban in Medford, Jackson County saw a massive influx of hemp grows, surpassing the acreage of pears and grapes combined.

– Associated Press and Hemp Industry Daily

3 comments on “Oregon city considering hemp production ban
  1. Saron Williams on

    After waiting almost 2 years, here in Oregon, for an OLCC recreational grow approval transitioning from medical, acreage next to us was planted in Hemp…not industrial as called out in the Farm Bill but CBD cultivated strains. Rather than lose more money after no income for 2 years we declined to proceed. The Hemp growers bought in aphids, white flies and mites. They used ‘organic’ pesticides but their methods and application in close proximity to my residence (120 feet) caused a 2 month long sinus infection. I have live on my property for 40 years and never suffered a sinus infection. The concentration of hundreds of plants flowering and the subsequent pesticides created a toxic odor that caused headaches and nausea. Early rains brought mold and crop loss which was allowed to continue to rot and spread mold spores. The stems and roots do not break down and black mold grows on it. Piles of these dead plants can be seen piled along road sides and in fields everywhere it was grown. People in the Medford Oregon area have been around the orchards for decades without adverse affects. Hemp is a completely different crop and needs to be under scrutiny. Its time Hemp and its growing practices are looked into before it does more damage to the health of a community.

    • JS on

      Seems to me that you are blaming the plant and not the growers of it. Perhaps that is what you need to do about your situation.

  2. Mike Whalen on

    It’s the same plant as the stony stuff You’re waiting to grow. Sounds like there’s some sour grapes growing on Your side of the fence. Fix that sinus problem and quit sniveling…GROW HEMP!

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