Oregon hemp-drying companies fined nearly $600K for air violations

Two associated hemp drying companies and their chief executive have each been fined nearly $200,000 by state environmental regulators in Oregon.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality issued fines of $198,786 to Columbia Hemp Trading Company and $196,288 each to related company Columbia 410 and CEO Jacob Crabtree. The firms were operating out of the same facility in Molalla, about 30 miles south of Portland.

The combined amounts add up to one of the largest penalties issued by the agency, according to the Portland Business Journal.

Oregon’s environmental regulators say the companies operated without a required air-contaminant permit, causing Molalla residents to complain of “noxious odors” coming from the facility.

The agency said the facility’s gas-fired dryers emitted nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide at rates of more than 10 tons per year, triggering the need for a discharge permit.

Crabtree disputes that claim and said prior issues with the city prevented him from getting a land-use compatibility statement, which is required to apply for a discharge permit.

He is fighting the penalties and has offered a settlement with the city that includes $500,000 in site improvements.

2 comments on “Oregon hemp-drying companies fined nearly $600K for air violations
  1. Mark G Cooper on

    How will our children live if our Air is not Breatheable?
    What are you personally or your business, to reduce the Air Pollution from your vehicle?
    What are you personally doing to stop air pollution from all internal combustion engines, using fossil fuel?

    Our California Air Resource Board, certification and Executive Order, device D-671, created in 2009 and has been
    available for 22 years but very few, has made the $300 for the unit and $100 for the install.

    So, I say, you all are “Hypocrites”, this little $300 device would clean the American Air we breathe, but to date, less
    than 00.001 percent of American has install this device. When does the Hypocricy of you, every American become greater
    than you starting the vehicle and running to work, without our Device to stop the pollution?

    Either you do something or you do nothing!

    I am Mad, really Mad, about America’s Hypocricy about Air Pollution.

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