Oregon Hemp Farmers Pivot to Medical Use

Hemp farmers in Oregon are getting more interested in the potential medical uses of their crops instead of the traditional industrial ones.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is poised to begin reissuing licenses for hemp growers in the state next month. As potential licensees begin to line up for permits, the discussion over what use that hemp will be put to is at the forefront.

The answer for many is now CBD and medicine instead of products like clothing and textiles, according to the Ashland Daily Tidings.

One big reason is that there’s a “huge difference in profitability” between CBD and traditional hemp uses, according to one state official.

That offsets what farmers see as a significant investment to farming hemp, because “CBD is worth a hell of a lot of money,” one farmer told the paper.

Quality CBD oil, whether from hemp or marijuana, can command a price of up to $50 a gram for 80% CBD oil, the farmer said. That could equate to big profits for hemp farmers.