Oregon finalizes hemp testing rules, suggests new fees

Hemp is booming in Oregon, so state agriculture regulators proposed another round of rules that could contribute to increased acreage.

According to Canna Law Blog, the Oregon agriculture department’s proposed changes include:
  • Lowering registration fees from $1,300 for hemp growers to $250, plus $500 for each grow site.
  • Clarifying the option to resample if hemp fails pre-harvest testing.
  • Revising sampling procedures for pre-harvest THC testing.
  • Charging a fee for submission of change forms.
  • New fees for pre-harvest THC testing provided by the agency.
  • Clarifying requirements for individuals making retail sales of industrial hemp in Oregon.

The agriculture department scheduled a hearing on the new rules for April 23. Written comments will be accepted until May 7.

The agency also finalized hemp-testing rules last week.