Oregon hempseed dispute leads to $21 million lawsuit

A batch of hempseeds in Oregon billed as CBD-rich females that turned out to be neither feminized nor high in the cannabinoid has led to a $21.2 million lawsuit.

That’s how much six people say they lost after the seeds resulted in inferior plants, leading to the lawsuit against three seed dealers in a southern Oregon county, the Portland Business Journal reported.

One of the plaintiffs, Jerry Paul, said he spent a whopping $1 per seed – a total of $86,000 – for the highly vaunted seeds described as “a cross between ‘Special Sauce’ and ‘SGMO’ strains of industrial hemp with an equal or better feminized rate” than others on the market.

Instead, according to Paul’s lawsuit, the seeds were “defective” and packed with pollen. He listed his loss as $11.9 million from low-performing hemp flower worth $12 a pound instead of $60 a pound.

Paul claims he lost another $5.2 million when the inferior plants cross-pollinated and damaged nearby marijuana crops.

Paul’s attorney and lawyers for the three defendants did not immediately respond to calls for comment from Hemp Industry Daily.

Oregon is among the nation’s largest CBD producers, but the state does not certify hempseeds.

Work began just this year at Oregon State University to develop proven hemp performers.

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5 comments on “Oregon hempseed dispute leads to $21 million lawsuit
  1. Christopher James Flippo on


  2. Opie Winston on

    My mentor business partner best friend took everything he had worth value and sold it borrowed money from loved ones. He spent over a $1 a seed with the “gaurauntee” that there will be a less then 3% hermies/females turnt to male. 14000. 14000 plants we spread iver 7 acres up and down a 103 rows. Personally I have never put so mich of myself into anything in my 29 years of life. 6 to 7 days a week sunrise to sunset. No livable pay comijg in. Yet we all gave everything into being Farmers. None of us have eber farmed but by god we became farmers the field the plants put in the ground was aa close to perfect as you could get. We were proud. But then they start devolping all the signs of male hemp plants. We started yanking out plants one after ankther after another to where is more then half. Other half got pollunated we of ckurse found this out later. I never thought a plant a weed really would affect me so deeply. I was out in the middle of that field yanked plant in my hand three sons on my mind crying, bawling. The feeling the realization that something you invested everything into in hopes of a better future for loved ones the gut wrenching knee bending eye opening moment you realized you failed. You failed your kids loved ones….no amount of money will eber make it go away. Ill forever remember that day. We had buyers for our while field. All of it. It was so seeded out that our tops are useless bio mass useless. We have had to hand squeeze out 600 pounds of seeds that going on 4 months past our initial calendered harvest pay have yet to sale. We are losing homes cars credit children paying for our failures. Failures that if werent for these bastards selling these seeds we would have never faced. I wouldnt be furiously typing this rant out at 6 am. We would be shoulder deep in a bigger field re investing our hard earned damn well deseeved profit. To really put ourselves out there. To obtain the forever out of reach American no Oregon Dream. Might not seem like much but when involves his financial future including my own and 3 others in jeopardy essentially sabotaging our futures with these seeds. Its no where near small. Estimated 1.5 2 million these seeds have cost us. Were hoping to salvage 1 million 1 5. Off of a projected 3 million plus. Oh forgot to mention the Rec grow on our property was ruined and seeded. Owner is cpming after us for 300 grand. We dont have 300 dollars. Combined. I am a farmer now tho. Never been more haply then I was turning a flat field into more then that field wpuld ever accomplish way after I’m put in the ground. Im proud. I will continue trying to make a living in this industry. Can’t be anymore defeated. Right. Rant over.

    P.s. anyone know how to contact anyone involved in this lawsuit

    • Gage on

      Oh wow. As a student who has a dream much like you had before getting screwed over by the seed company this is a scary story. Do you mind sending over your contact info so I can get the full story and hopefully protect myself from doing the same in the future?


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