Oregon orders recall on mislabeled hemp products

Some 500 bottles of CBD tinctures labeled as hemp have been recalled from Oregon marijuana dispensaries because they contained inaccurate labels on THC content.

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission, which oversees marijuana retailing there, says the tincture produced by Cura under the label Select CBD “could impair unsuspecting consumers.”

The agency put a hold on the product in the state’s cannabis tracking system to prevent further sales. The OLCC estimated that about 500 of the 30-milliliter tincture bottles were sold.

The tinctures were labeled to include “<LOQ” for THC. That means “less than the limit of quantification,” or below the safe allowable limit. The OLCC did not say how much THC was found in the products.

Cura Cannabis is one of Oregon’s largest marijuana companies. The company did not immediately return a call from Hemp Industry Daily about the CBD recall.