Overheard at HIDC: Hemp sales jobs are hot, while cultivation sector getting crowded

The listing economy has job-seekers flooding into the marijuana and hemp sectors looking for work. Savvy operators already in the industry are shifting roles to stay employed and get an edge on the competition.

The smartest pivot right now? Moving from cultivation to a sales role, according to industry executives who shared hiring trends at the Hemp Industry Daily Conference Direct.

“We’re seeing our farmers and genetics personnel shift to sales. It’s a real nice transition because you have a skill set that’s authentic,” said Andrei McQuillan, COO at EcoGen Laboratories, which grows hemp and manufactures cannabinoid extracts. “You can never have enough good sales people.”

James Yagielo, founder of HempStaff employment consultancy, pointed out increased competition in the industry makes it critical to know more than simply how to grow the plant.

“People got laid off from other industries. They’re looking for something they know and like, and that’s cannabis,” Yagielo said.

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