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Hemp farmers tailoring new genetics for different growing regions throughout US

(This is the last installment in a five-part series examining the shortage of feminized hempseeds and clones and its effects on the hemp industry. To read the previous installments, click here.) The breeding of hemp varieties is ramping up among plant breeders and at hemp farms with established research-and-development departments. In more humid areas of […]

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Verdict still out on how limited CBD hemp genetics perform across US

As the number of states approving hemp production increases, so does the demand for certified, feminized hempseed and clones for CBD production.

Established hemp farmers and breeders are working to develop new plant varieties that will work in the unique climates and microclimates throughout the different growing regions within the U.S.

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Hemp farmers still looking for CBD inputs should source with caution, experts say

Hemp farmers looking to capitalize on the lucrative demand for high-CBD hemp varieties may still be able to salvage their 2019 season even though the industry is seeing a shortage in feminized seeds and clones.

Hemp production experts suggest planting non-feminized seeds and culling male plants early, or planting larger-sized clones later in the season, if farmers can find any available.

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California hemp food bill that would allow licensed marijuana retailers to enter CBD market advances

California’s hemp and marijuana industries moved a few inches closer together Wednesday when state senators advanced a bill to both formally legalize hemp-derived CBD food and beverage products for sale and allow licensed MJ companies to enter the hemp CBD sector. The measure was passed by the Senate Health Committee on a unanimous vote and now […]

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FDA hearing ‘little bit like a first date’: Q&A with ATACH co-founder Michael Bronstein

As the hemp and CBD industry navigates the regulatory roller coaster resulting from the much-celebrated 2018 Farm Bill, the unknowns can cause anxiety for even the most confident of businesspeople. That’s why it’s invaluable to have guidance and perspective from those who know the legal landscape. Michael Bronstein, who co-founded the American Trade Association for […]

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