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Rocky start for inaugural hemp auction, but more events are planned

Optimism around a three-day hemp auction in Tennessee turned to disappointment when producers found way more sellers than buyers, driving prices down and leaving some frustrated. But organizers of the inaugural International Hemp Auction and Market, modeled after tobacco auctions in the area, say the market volatility will settle down, making future auctions more valuable. The […]

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Greed, backstabbing and ‘Frankenstein contracts’ in the hemp landscape: Q&A with cannabis attorney Lisa Pittman

Hemp might be legal now, but more and more hemp companies are finding themselves in court. That’s because the booming industry has attracted a mix of new entrepreneurs and get-rich-quick scam artists looking to take advantage of a new market with few established players. Making matters more complicated for hemp businesses is the fact that many […]

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The story behind a hemp extract firm’s distributor deals with major grocery, pharmacy chains

When President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill into law, it not only made hemp a legal crop on the federal level, it also made cannabis-derived products more obtainable to consumers beyond marijuana retailers.

A side effect of this development is that securing a partnership with mainstream retail companies has become the goal of every cannabis business hoping to reach more customers and potentially see a huge increase in sales.

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