Sale of hemp tea in Germany leads to probation for store owners

A German court has sentenced the operators of hemp retail shop Hanfbar to several months on probation for selling hemp tea.

The judge ruled that the tea is banned by the Germany Narcotics Law, Braunschweiger Zeitung reported.

Business partners Marcel Kaine and Bardia Hatefi will serve nine and seven months on probation, respectively, for selling hemp flower as tea that had a minimum THC content.

But the THC content alone wasn’t the problem.

The judge interpreted that the sale of unprocessed hemp flowers – even as a tea – violates the Narcotics Law that specifies hemp products cannot be used for intoxicating purposes.

During the trial, experts explained intoxication could be possible despite a very low THC content if the flower is processed into edibles.

The defendants said after the sentencing that they might appeal, according to the newspaper.