Smokable-hemp producer inks deal for insertable ‘cannabinoid sticks’

A California company that makes smokable-hemp cigarettes has signed a deal with an Israeli company to produce CBD sticks that can inserted into traditional cigarettes.

Hempacco and StickIt say they are building a factory in San Diego to produce roughly 10 million CBD toothpick-sized sticks a month, to be sold in the United States and Mexico.

The companies say the sticks can also be infused with CBG or other cannabinoids. Production is to begin next month, the companies said.

The inserted sticks  “act as a bridge between tobacco and CBD cigarette smokers by introducing traditional smokers with the benefits of CBD,” according to Jorge Olson, CMO of Hempacco’s parent company, Green Globe International.

Terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

Green Globe trades on over-the-counter markets as GGII.