State legislators tell feds to keep hands off marijuana policy

State legislators said federal laws should be amended to allow states the power to create their own marijuana policies.

A resolution passed by the National Conference of State Legislatures told the federal government “to explicitly allow states to set their own marijuana and hemp policies without federal interference.”

The group said it recognizes that its members have differing views on marijuana legalization, but that each state should be allowed to decide its own cannabis laws rather than have them dictated by the federal government.

The resolution passed with a majority of votes from lawmakers at the conference, which was held in Seattle, according to the Huffington Post.

Karen O’Keefe, the director of state policies for the Marijuana Policy Project, said in a release the resolution is a “strong indication” that legislators are listening to constituents who support making adult-use marijuana legal, the Post reported.

While the federal government has time and again issued guidance effectively telling U.S. prosecutors to not go after businesses that are operating within state law, the U.S. Attorney’s office in northern California has continued proceedings against high-profile dispensaries.

In April, California lawmakers sent a letter to the attorney general asking for the prosecutions to stop, and even went so far as to file a bill that would bar the federal government from going after marijuana businesses, provided they are complying with state cannabis laws.

8 comments on “State legislators tell feds to keep hands off marijuana policy
  1. Robert Feightner on

    We examined entrees into marijuana purity testing in Ohio and Illinois. The Ohio initiative is nothing short of a criminal cartel that even the mafia would admire. The marijuana legislation in the US empowers marginally criminal operators to profiteer under the guise of worthless medical solutions and placebos pedaled to pot heads. Medical marijuana is a sham industry and the medical benefits of marijuana are negligible. States legalizing medical marijuana should expect federal enforcement of marijuana prohibitions. And state laws attempting to limit federal enforcement are comical and pathetic efforts by the least constitutionally knowledgeable.

    • Mark boyt on

      Get your head out of the 50’s it happening NOW, obviously you don’t suffer from chronic pain, cancer or any debilitating disease or you would understand how bad Patients area suffering.

    • Brad on

      I thought dinosaurs were extinct. We’ve heard all these lies for 101 years. You’ve lost, now go home and lock the door.

    • Rick Fague on

      Robert, all of your assumptions are based on old data that’s been invalidated by by recent research. The new data strongly suggests that marijuana and its active ingredients have many potential applications to treat some very serious ailments such as Dravet Syndrome and other forms of epilepsy.

      And marijuana itself has already proven to be on enormous value for PTSD sufferers since it allows them to sleep through the night, something you and I might take for granted but which seriously disrupts the lives of veterans, first responders, and other victims of trauma.

      I would hardly call these medical benefits negligible and the NIH and FDA would seem to agree.

    • Denise Clark on

      Oh my, are you just joking to get a rise?

      Assuming you are indeed so sadly uninformed, the next time you are injured, have any type of nerve pain, have a migraine or a horrible skin disorder try a cannabis pain cream low in THC…physically impossible to get ‘High’ BTW.

      My customers are senior citizens primarily, so getting them stoned isn’t an option, right?

  2. calicorock on

    hat happens to States that semi-legalized marijuana yet the entire reasoning for doig so was to destroy it. Remember that old saying from Vietnam” “We had to destroy the village in order to save it” This is rhe approach Washington’s newly elected Republican State Senator’s took. Problem for them The Black-market is now stronger and has new customers unlike I’ve ever seen. Vive la Black-market! MMJ patients please Continue Boycotting State 502 cartel Stores until SB 5052 is repealed!

  3. calicorock on

    Legalization will never occur nationwide until medical marijuana patients are protected from onerous recreational aws as happened in Washington State. No legalization would have been 100% better than what the WA. State legislature passed. Ignorant small town hicks and hayseeds showed in the State Senate many from towns that banned cannabis sales showed an utter disregard for what voter’s in 2012 said they wanted. Not one of the original legalization laws the voters passed made it to became State law. Legalization was hi-jacked by stupidity in Olympia. Can’t wait to see Hundreds of thousands of angry Washington MMJ patients cast ther ballots in 2015-2016. These clowns underestimated just how angry people in Washington are over their mishandling of this. The will begin to starting this November

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