Study: Scarification of cannabis seeds, certain disinfectants improve germination rates

A new study found that cutting off the tips of cannabis seeds – a process more formally called scarification – could shorten germination times and boost germination rates as cultivators are attempting to disinfect seeds.

A trio of researchers from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, experimented on different cannabis genotypes to come to its conclusion.

The study also looked into the effect different types of disinfectants on in-vitro seed germination.

It found that soaking the materials in 4.6% sodium hypochlorite along with 0.008% hydrogen peroxide for almost 17 minutes resulted in the best outcome while still achieving zero contamination.

The study also stated that in vitro seed germination with scarification of cannabis and this disinfectant method could improve the efficiency of finding new cultivars and hunting for better genetics.

“Our protocols can be implemented to reduce contamination and increase the germination rate of large-scale pheno-hunting and breeding programs for this economically important crop,” authors wrote.

Aside from using a scalpel to remove the tip of the seed, the researchers also suggested that using sulfuric acid for scarification could be more efficient.

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