Swiss police detain hemp grower with 3,700 marijuana plants amid legal crop

Police in northeastern Switzerland have shut down an indoor hemp-growing operation and detained its operator after a search of the property unearthed cannabis plants and biomass that exceeded legal THC levels.

Thurgau police say they raided the Rothenhausen facility in February after getting a tip about suspected illegal activity. The property was registered as an indoor hemp growing facility to a 42-year-old Dutch man.

Criminal investigators examined the facility in the presence of the owner. An initial investigation indicated the facility was growing marijuana, which led the public prosecutor’s office to order a search of the property.

In addition to harvested and processed hemp, investigators found approximately 3,700 marijuana shrubs and 12 kilograms (26.5 pounds) of prepared and packaged marijuana.

The plants and the marijuana were in violation of Swiss narcotics law because of their THC content, police said.

Switzerland, a non-European Union-member state, allows the cultivation of nonmedical cannabis with THC levels below 1%.

The narcotics, plants and breeding equipment were seized, and Kreuzlingen public prosecutors in Thurgau have opened a criminal investigation.