Technology expert explains how AI can optimize hemp and marijuana production

Deployment of artificial intelligence-enabled technology in agricultural crops has been in the news, explaining how automated data dissection and automation can reduce labor, streamline production of food crops and help producers improve the efficiency of their operations.

That same technology is now being applied to marijuana and hemp operations to optimize growers’ production and management decisions, including scheduling, planting and harvesting crops.

Register now to take part in an eye-opening webinar on “Intelligent Growth: Using AI to Optimize Your Hemp Operations,” scheduled for 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on Thursday.

Technology visionary Adam Greenberg, founder and CEO of iUNU, a Seattle firm focused on developing AI-enabled production systems for greenhouse producers and farmers, will offer his insights on:

  • How AI can benefit your overall operations
  • The different technology options available and how they work
  • Factors to consider on whether artificial intelligence is right for your business

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