Texas backs off CBD ban, but keeps option open

Texas health officials are backing off their plan to ban CBD products – for now.

The Texas Department of State Health Services is pausing its proposal to ban over-the-counter CBD food products and supplements, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

The agency now says it will delay implementing the CBD ban until it consults with law enforcement about the legality of cannabidiol.

“We’re trying to figure out our big picture,” Lara Anton, a spokeswoman for the health agency, told the newspaper. “We are getting more information to try to decide on a more overarching policy.”

She gave no time frame for a delayed decision on the proposal, which targeted products containing any more than “trace amounts” of CBD or THC.

“Food products, including hempseeds and hempseed oil, containing these compounds would be considered adulterated,” the agency said in its proposed enforcement protocol.

The health officials received roughly 1,000 comments about the proposed CBD ban, most of them in opposition, Anton said.

Texas already allows CBD sales to some people with severe epilepsy, but the state’s law is highly restrictive. Texas has just three CBD dispensaries for its 28 million residents.

5 comments on “Texas backs off CBD ban, but keeps option open
  1. Vin Hennessy on

    “Food products, including hemp seeds and hempseed oil, containing these compounds would be considered adulterated….”

    How can you adulterate a seed unless it’s man-made? Sounds like Lara Anton doesn’t have a clue of what she’s talking about. Just a broad ban on the issue.

    • Brenda on

      Exactly Vin. Educate yourself elected officials, it very obvious you know nothing about hemp, seeds or oil. This is medicine given to us by God to keep us well. There is little to no thc in hemp, it’s impossible to get high on hemp oil, seeds or extracts. With the RX drugs readily available and pushed on people that offer ZERO nutrion but plenty of addiction, if you are smart at all, you will search and offer alternatives like CBD oil, so people can actually function and work, paying INTO our system instead of draining it. That alone should be reason enough to thank THE PEOPLE for insisting on this God given right, ‘every plant, nut, seed, I give to you’. Remember, it’s all the money not the well being. So wake up elected officials, you are WAY off. Ignorant. That’s a fact.

  2. Gods Plant on

    CBD isolate does not have THC period. However medicinal CBD for epileptics needs a little THC to work right. Full spectrum CBD is what God created. Any time a plant product goes thru a extraction process it is no longer as God made it. I have cancer and am appalled at how expensive CBD is and at the ridiculous legality of it here in Texas. Let one of the governments family get sick and see how fast they beg for the medicine to treat them. :'(

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