Texas CBD maker accused of damaging the reputation of a wildflower farm

Texas hemp company Wildseed Hemp faces a trademark lawsuit from a wildflower farm that says its name is damaging the wildflower business’ reputation.

Wildseed Farms says in its case filed in federal court in Austin that the hemp company “could have a disastrous effect” on its reputation because the hemp company makes “controversial hemp and CBD products.”

“Consumers will associate the Wildseed mark with controversial products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive compound that is highly regulated in Texas,” the complaint says.

Wildseed Hemp has not responded to the complaint, which seeks unspecified damages and a court order demanding the hemp company change its name.

The farm said in its argument that because CBD products can contain elevated THC levels, the older business is at risk because it “has no ability to prevent the sale of products bearing the Wildseed mark from landing consumers in prison.”

The complaint also lists Texas Cannafarms, which distributes Wildseed Hemp products.

Law 360 first reported the wildflower dispute.