Texas gov signs hemp law banning smokable flower and requiring CBD sellers to register

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a hemp law that adds the nation’s second-largest state to the list of more than 42 others with commercial hemp farming.

However, the law puts limits on the kinds of hemp that can be manufactured – smokable flower is not allowed – and requires retailers of hemp-derived CBD products to register with the state.

The Texas law takes effect immediately but requires would-be hemp farmers to wait until 2020 to start growing the plant.

The delay is necessary because prospective farmers must wait for state authorities to settle regulations such as THC testing rules.

Other highlights of the new Texas law:

  • Farmer application fees are capped at $100, with an additional $100 licensing fee per location.
  • THC testing fees are capped at $300.
  • Hemp products containing “more than trace amounts of cannabinoids” must carry labels stating that the products are hemp and not marijuana.
  • The state does not ban the sale or possession of smokable hemp, just its manufacture.

Lisa Pittman, a Denver cannabis attorney from Texas who closely follows the state’s dealings with hemp, said the law signifies tremendous change in her home state.

“Texas is going to be a leader” in national hemp production, she said.

“We are an agricultural state already, and farmers have been working on this for a very long time.”

44 comments on “Texas gov signs hemp law banning smokable flower and requiring CBD sellers to register
  1. George on

    “Texas is going to be a leader” in national hemp production”.

    Yeah, good luck with that!
    Good to know where to sell smokeable Hemp. California thanks you.

    • Joe Blow Texas Farmer on

      The poorly written Hemp Law only charges a farmer $100.00 and $100.00 per field or home to completely forfeit multiple civil rights. The law allows 24/7 access to private property by law enforcement where any hemp business is conducted. Criminalize Farming and farmers to advance the dope industry agenda. They said “ it’s just like corn” … “won’t get you high”. So, I never had an FBI background check, GPS geolocation, and Swat Team unwarranted 24/7 farm/home access with my corn crop. Stay off my farm Dope Pimp Sid and Dope pimp abbot. Keep your weed. Here in Texas farm country we just want to know if Hemp is related to The Ostrich or The Emu? Dope pimps are not welcome on our farms in Texas! Adios Sid. Lay down with dogs, get out of office with fleas.

      • Thomas Sporino on

        Well it looks like huge hemp farms are already here! And here to stay! Awesome. It’s about time this becomes more of a free country, but it isnt one just yet.

      • Casey on

        CBD has very little THC in it….IT DOESN’T GET YOU HIGH! Get educated! CBD is a very good and natural product that works really well with pain, stress and anxiety…..I personally know quite a few people that have been able to get off of their prescribed pain medications (HORRIBLE FOR YOUR BODY AND MIND by the way) through use of CBD in it’s various forms (tinctures, gummies, creams and salves). IT’S NOT WEED!

  2. Romana on

    So, as a small veteran family farm, I’ll grow my smokeable hemp, send it out if state to be “processed” and have it sent back to sell. Stupid Texas.. We can still grow and possess it, just not process it .

    • Isaac on

      Texas looses tax revenue, because other states who grow can ship into the state for sale, makes no sense, they are missing a big revenue source for the state-

      • BJ Stone on

        Exactly. Texas needs to get Abbott out of office and legalize medical and recreational marijuana. They would rather throw people behind bars and give them a criminal record and fines, than make money off the sale and tax of a legal product. That’s Texas for you.

  3. Tyson Rich on

    Smokable hemp flowers are already for sale and have been at many smoke and cbd shops threw out TX smh lol, and the up most issue is no one who works for the states knows what they are talking about marijuana and hemp are the same thing both the (same exact plant) Just diff levels of thc. So basically they are marking all weed legal until otherwise tested, Wilco and Travis county have had to throw out close to 1000 cases already Misdemeanors and felonies cases cus they don’t have testing equipment to tell the diff amounts of THC in marijuana/hemp. Hemp/marijuana has to be .3 %thc or less to be legal but Texas has no way of testing this as of now. So Texas can’t prosecute cases if they can’t test the levels of thc.

    • Isaac on

      Tyson, you incorrect, Hemp and Marijuana are not the same plant, they are genetically different. You would not say a house cat and a tiger are the same, although they are cats, they are vastly different.

      • Z on

        Incorrect statement and analogy, hemp and marijuana are both cannabis the only difference is level of THC, the analogy should be purebred vs pure blood wagyu cow still a wagyu

          • Russ M on

            Same species, Cannabis Sativa. Different breeds, like housecats and domestic dogs. Marijuana breeders through the years selected high CBD, low THC plants to breed. Started with Mr. Ringo in Humboldt County.

      • Joshua Chambers on

        You are wrong. Both are in the same genus Cannabis and if your marijuana is C. sativa, then it is the same species (or subspecies depending on your classification source) as hemp. They may have different levels or some chemicals but that is normal for cultivated plants, and their morphology may be different but if you take a European-native human and African-native human you would also see morphological and chemical differences (for example hair growth and melanin levels). Comparing hemp and marijuana to a domestic cat and a tiger is silly. Domestic cats (Felis catus) and tigers (Panthera tigris) are in completely different genera, but in the same family. Comparing hemp and marijuana to cats and tigers is the same as comparing humans (H. sapiens sapiens) and orangutans (Pongo sp.) to Huskies (C. lupus familiaris) and German Shepherds (also C. lupus familiaris). So your comparison is wrong. I hope you got trapped into the world of taxonomy after reading this. Be careful because after discovering the evolutionary relationships between organisms you will become fascinated and put all focus into learning it. BTW I am for hemp legalizing, so don’t take this as a justification for banning it. Thank you for reading this if you finished!

      • Aza on

        They are genetically the same! Different growing conditions different caninbinoid levels different usages possibly different terpine levels ! How does that make something different genetically ?

  4. Ivan Maldonado on

    So we can’t grow out own personal Hemp flowers, but it’s okay for outside sources to sell them to us??????!!!!
    Don’t they see the damage this is causing us Texans?!

    Our entire pantry is being raided by outside states that Can grow Hemp and have the means to monopolize where we purchase our medicine.

    We need to be able to open shop and produce LOCALLY, ALL our Money is going to Other State Taxes and foreign parties!

    We need to have the ability to shut these guys out!!

  5. Tim on

    I have epilepsy and I used to smoke marijuana in college. I took NO MEDS and had NO SEIZURES at all for 5 years.
    Ten years ago I was arrested for possession of less than two grams so I gave up marijuana and two weeks later I started having seizures. I’ve been on expensive anti-seizure meds since(over $2,000/month) and since I could never pay that much Texas pays for them.
    If I was allowed to use medical marijuana in Texas I’d be growing and using a plant from God(marijuana). Texas would spend a lot less every month and I’d have much better health.

  6. Bud on

    The lawmakers in Texas are not very intelligent. Smokable hemp flower works wonders but I have to purchase it out of state. Great way to boost the economy elsewhere Texas lmao!

  7. alan king on

    Industrial hemp plants are probably going to be put off but what about him plants that are grown in the home as decorations or sold at farmers markets and flea markets Hemp is a pretty plant

  8. J on

    So I just heard from a vape shop employee that they won’t be able to sell hemp sticks after the first? I assume of September? Is there any truth to this?

  9. Herman on

    Damn Texas Governor and Lt. Governor need to get with the program! Stop looking at this as smoking weed and take the approach of this can make daily living better and good revenue for the state. I smoke CBD because it relax me and control my blood pressure to normal, but I am sorry Texas because I refuse to wait for these two idiots to oversee my health concerns. Get with the program Texas because these two products CBD & THC will become legal one day SOON in this state.

    • BJ Stone on

      I can’t wait for Texas to catch Up! I can’t believe Texans are allowing these other states to best us this way. Abbott needs to go!

  10. Solid Reasoning on

    So alcohol causes horrible problems like violence and murders from drunk driving, to say the least. Yet these idiot lawmakers are going through all this trouble just to try and stop people from personally consuming a 100% harmless chemical called THC. That means that either the lawmakers are literal retards, or they’re being bribed. Maybe both.

  11. Michael lane on

    It would be nice to make it legal to smoke as far as Texas making money off of it I’m not so sure because if it is the miracle drug every one says then think of all the revenue it will effect already in place based on non miracle drugs so all medical and mental medical medicines will be obsolete so no sales in n this area and it will decrease the Revenue produced by all related medical not to mention the amount of revenue that there loosing in fines and court fees.when it’s was elliegal.i vote it should be legal if the people of Texas want it the governer works for us it should be voted on and go with the outcome of the people of Texas .

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