Texas hemp legalization awaits governor’s pen

Lawmakers in the nation’s second-largest state have agreed to allow hemp cultivation, putting Texas one signature away from joining at least 42 other states to allow commercial hemp farming.

The Texas measure, which passed unanimously in the state House and Senate, would not only legalize CBD in the state but would also allow the cannabinoid to be added to food, drugs and cosmetics, ahead of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s efforts to begin regulating CBD.

The bill also:
  • Caps hemp-cultivation fees at $100 a year.
  • Caps hemp-testing fees for THC content at $300.
  • Requires farmers to harvest hemp within 20 days of passing state THC tests.
  • Requires farmers to use hempseeds approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture.
  • Allows law enforcement to seize hemp products to see if they are hemp or marijuana.

The law now awaits the signature of Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, who has not said whether he plans to sign it.

Lawmakers have until Monday to settle a related bill to expand Texas’ limited medical marijuana program.