Texas Senate unanimously approves industrial hemp, CBD legislation

The push to legalize hemp and CBD products in Texas cleared another legislative hurdle with the state Senate’s unanimous approval of a bill to allow production and sales.

The proposed Texas hemp bill, which also passed unanimously in the state House last month, would not only legalize CBD in the state but would also allow the cannabinoid to be added to foods, drugs and cosmetics, ahead of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s efforts to begin regulating CBD.

Senate revisions to the legislation increased provisions for testing consumable products containing CBD and added regulations for producers and retailers.

The bill now heads back to the House, where lawmakers must clear up the differences before the legislation can move to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk.

Approval of the legislation would allow Texas to join at least 42 other states that allow legal hemp production.

Lawmakers must agree before the Texas legislative session ends May 27.