Truck driver considers suit against Texas cops after wrongful stops for hemp

A Florida truck driver who was stopped twice last month driving hemp from California to New York is now considering a lawsuit against Texas authorities who jailed him and charged him with felony possession of marijuana.

Aneudy Gonzales was stopped for a traffic violation near Conway, Texas, on Dec. 5. Texas Highway Patrol seized roughly 3,350 pounds of what they thought was marijuana, Lubbock TV station KCBD reported.

Court documents say Gonzalez was also stopped by police in Arizona but was let go when they determined the load to be legal hemp. Transportation of hemp across state lines became legal when the 2018 Farm Bill was passed.

The Texas charges were dismissed Thursday, but Gonzales’ lawyers now say the driver is considering a lawsuit while they pursue getting the hemp returned.

“We will now be seeking the return of property and just compensation for our client losing a month of his life in the custody of the U.S. Marshals,” Dallas law firm Roper & Mehler wrote on its Facebook page.

The attorneys did not say who grew the hemp or who bought it.

One comment on “Truck driver considers suit against Texas cops after wrongful stops for hemp
  1. Lee Marcum on

    SUE! the pants off them!!,,,Ignorance is NO EXCUSE of the Law isn’t that what they SAY!!! Ignorance of NOT KNOWING what Industrial Hemp is from THC concentration plants is NO EXCUSE! IF more drivers SUED! these ignorant “law enforcers” they should LEARN the Laws and the difference in the plants! Maybe if enough people sue the enforcers of this stupid law of Marijuana being FEDERALLY ILLEGAL maybe enough Pressure will be put on the poly-itick-shunions (as in many blood-sucking ticks), to get that stupid never should have existed Class 1 narcotic law removed once and for all! This sounds like a sneaky way for a state to get a lot of Industrial hemp it is not entitled to…why was his cargo STOLEN (confiscated)?

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