North Carolina Hemp Business & Legal News

Hemp boom: States report dramatic licensing increases for 2019

Hemp production is about to shift into overdrive in states where growers have been licensed to get started with the 2019 planting season. There is a dramatic increase in interest among new farmers looking to capitalize on hemp in states that have been growing the crop under pilot programs. Here’s an early look at 2019 […]

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As CBD crackdown spreads, New York politician vows to halt ‘overreaction’

More restaurants and facilities nationwide report they can’t sell CBD anymore, even as an official in New York City vows to turn back the Big Apple’s crackdown on CBD use in eateries. In the past week, enforcement letters and product seizures spread to new jurisdictions, a response to December comments from the U.S. Food and Drug […]

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Chart: Fast-rising CBD still trying to make inroads with mainstream retailers

CBD’s meteoric rise in popularity has hemp growers finding all kinds of market opportunities that don’t exist for THC products, including yoga studios, pet boutiques, gyms and coffee shops – all foreign territory for marijuana-derived products. One Kentucky hemp producer even has CBD products being sold in tractor supply stores; a North Carolina CBD company has […]

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Mainstream consumer products branding firm buys CBD company in deal valued at $120M

In a deal directly related to the U.S. legalization of hemp in December, a firm that specializes in branding consumer-product companies acquired CBD manufacturer Cure Based Development. The sale, an all–stock transaction, is valued at $120 million based on expected revenue of $300 million over the next five years. Level Brands (NYSE: LEVB), whose portfolio includes […]

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North Carolina hemp firm seeks tax breaks from CBD extraction facility plans

A North Carolina hemp producer’s renovation of a former factory for CBD extraction sets it up for roughly $238,500 in tax incentives over the next four years. City of Wilson officials are lauding Criticality’s retrofitting for CBD production as an innovative new use for the building, The Wilson Times reported. The tax incentive package will be […]

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North Carolina agriculture chief blasts DEA over hemp confusion

North Carolina’s top hemp regulator is sick of interference from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said in a speech at the Southern Farm Show in Raleigh last week that the federal drug agency is not supposed to use any resources to intervene in the growing and processing of hemp, Southeast FarmPress […]

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Hemp State Highlight: North Carolina puts out big welcome mat for hemp industry

By Kristen Nichols

Dozens of states are slowly experimenting with industrial hemp cultivation and processing, authorizing limited tests through land-grant universities. Not North Carolina.

North Carolina has gone all in on hemp, which state officials see as a natural fit for an economy once dominated by tobacco farming and textile manufacturing.

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Sheriffs step up patrols of hemp farms after N.C. robberies

Hemp fields are getting extra protection from law enforcement in one eastern North Carolina county where the new crop has been targeted by thieves, a sign that growers of the plant face more threats than the usual pests and poor weather. The extra sheriffs’ patrols in rural Edgecombe County, N.C., come after five men were accused […]

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North Carolina Now Permits Industrial Hemp

North Carolina farmers gained the right this week to grow industrial hemp when Gov. Pat McCrory declined to veto Senate Bill 313, which legalized the plant’s industrial cultivation. McCrory, who had until midnight on Oct. 31 to veto the bill, also signed a law in July permitting doctors to offer CBD oil for patients with epilepsy. […]

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