Uruguay cannabis company ships 50 kilograms dried flower to Switzerland via Germany

Cannabis Uruguay Ltda. (UCAN), a cannabis cultivator and processor in Montevideo, has exported its first shipment of dried flowers to Switzerland via Germany.

The company’s 50-kilogram shipment of dried cannabis flower landed in Frankfurt on Saturday and arrived in Zurich on Sunday, Jorge Jover, an agronomist who works at UCAN, told Hemp Industry Daily.

The flower was grown on a single farm owned by UCAN. It contains less than 1% THC and around 13-14% cannabidiol, Jover said.

The company plans to ship another 200 kilograms of cannabis flower grown on its own farm and by two other growers from Uruguay to Switzerland next week, he said.

Jover said UCAN’s price for its flower stands at CHF 300-400 ($326-435) per kilogram.

UCAN is working with three customers in Switzerland:

  • a processor who will use the flowers to produce oils and cosmetics.
  • a distributor.
  • a large-scale importer that will likely re-export the product.

The three-year-old company has aspirations becoming a reliable and qualified supplier of medical cannabis to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.