USDA seeks public comment on hemp policy during listening session

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will host a public listening session Feb. 26 to get feedback on policies being implemented through the 2018 Farm Bill. 

According to Bill Northey, the agency’s undersecretary for Farm Production and Conservation, the listening session is an opportunity for hemp producers and other agriculture industry stakeholders to provide input on how the USDA can best provide support.

Input provided will be considered for making USDA spending decisions.

The Farm Bill, which President Trump signed into law in December, charges the USDA with developing regulations for hemp producers “as expeditiously as practicable.”

“At USDA, we are eager to hear from our stakeholders on policy recommendations so we can start working on implementing these important Farm Bill provisions,” Northey said in a statement.

Those interested in attending the Washington DC meeting in person must register at by Feb. 22. Separate advance registration is required for those who wish to speak.

Additional written comments will be accepted through March 1 and will be publicly available at

5 comments on “USDA seeks public comment on hemp policy during listening session
    • Nancy Boynton on

      The history of hemp speaks for itself as a useful, environmentally friendly source of neumerous products using today’s technology. Changes in regulations to support the production of industrial hemp especially the construction of processing plants located near growers is essential.

  1. Charles Atkins on

    I believe that the Hemp Industry needs to also develop and implement a Social Equity Program just like the Cannabis Industry is doing in many major cities.
    Both the Hemp and Cannabis Industries have the rare opportunity to be a positive force for positive change by actively helping to foster a Social Equity Program for hemp businesses development for underprivileged and disenfranchised individuals who seek to become entrepreneurs.
    The timing now is perfect for this. If not now when?

  2. Lotus Spirit on

    (1) Expungement of any Cannabis/Hemp-related infractions with automatic notifications sent to every record-keeping entity to make the information public for Employers, Employees and prospective Entrepreneurs to be aware of the changes. Also, any Employee who resides in a legal state should not be subjected to Cannabis drug testing. It has been dis-proven repeatedly that the mere presence of Cannabis in the bloodstream is not necessarily an indication of sobriety.

    (2) Make it easier for Landowners to farm Hemp by providing an initial investment for equipment and/or manpower to start an operation payable through Farm Bill. The purchase or leasing of farmland should also be included on a “5/5” basis- 5 acres for five years.
    (3) As a way to begin to leverage the economic landscape- a companion bill designed to assist those interested in profiting from the Hemp industry should be passed to begin the long-overdue process of Reparations for the centuries of captivity, free slave labor, discrimination, harassment, peonage and other horrendous actions historically directed towards African-Americans. This is a unique opportunity for America to do what is necessary to finally begin to move the country fully forward.

    (4) Last but certainly not least- ALL Veterans should automatically receive at least 1lb/month of the best Indica or Sativa the government can grow if the Veteran decides that this is the medication desired.

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