Canadian and Spanish hemp companies team up to distribute CBG in Canada

A Canadian biotechnology hemp company is entering an agreement with a Spanish company to produce and distribute a THC-free, high -CBG variety of the plant in Canada.

Ottawa-based Cannabis Orchards’ partnership with Hemp Trading to get the hemp variety, called Panakeia, into the Canadian market comes after “successful distribution” of it in the United States, the company told Hemp Industry Daily.

CBG is part of a group of novel or minor cannabinoids, which also include CBNCBD-V and others. They’re in high demand because few growers are producing them. 

Like CBD, minor cannabinoids are nonintoxicating and can be used in topicals, edibles, beverages and even smokable flower.

The CBG content of Panakeia is 18%, according to the companies. One of the purported benefits of CBG is that it relieves ailments from immune disorders.

Cannabis Orchards and Hemp Trading said they are planning to have the feminized Panakeia CBG seed be approved by Health Canada to be on the list of approved cultivars by fall 2020.

Hemp Trading, a cannabis company that operates in more than 20 countries, developed the the hemp variety with the Spanish Universidad Politcnica de Valencia.

Hemp Trading said Panakeia is being distributed in the U.S. by Front Range Biosciences and Tesoro Genetics.