Cannabis Act, new license open doors for Canadian hemp growers

Canada Cannabis Act, Cannabis Act, new license open doors for Canadian hemp growers

(This is an abridged version of a story that appears at Marijuana Business Daily.)

While much of the attention being paid to Canada’s Cannabis Act has focused on the launch of the legal recreational marijuana market, the nation’s hemp industry is also eagerly awaiting some of the changes the law will bring.

The Cannabis Act and the new industrial hemp license proposed by Health Canada set out clear guidelines for hemp.

The Cannabis Act clears the way for whole hemp plant utilization, which companies like Hempco have described as “a complete game-changer.” Much of the plant is currently discarded.

In addition, a new class of industrial hemp licenses would authorize the intra-industry sale of leaves, flowers and branches (or the whole plant).

That means licensed industrial hemp producers could sell the flower to someone who has permits to process and sell CBD.

Wendy Hulton, a Toronto attorney who represents cannabis producers, says interest in industrial hemp licenses is extremely high, but the proposed licenses are too narrow.

“I still think we need a little more scope with the industrial hemp licenses to do what the industry wants to do,” she said.

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