In Germany, EU court’s CBD decision brings additional political support for access

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German politicians are joining those calling for easier CBD access in the wake of a landmark European Union court ruling that CBD is not a narcotic and is therefore allowed to be traded freely between EU-member states.

A half-dozen members of the German Bundestag, the country’s federal parliament, have spoken out in favor of a regulated CBD market in recent months. That’s according to Germany’s Cannabis Business Industry Association.

The lawmakers belong to five of the legislature’s six political groups.

Two of the lawmakers’ comments were made after the EU Court of Justice issued its watershed ruling that cleared CBD for trade among EU nations.

Just this week, lawmaker Niema Movassat called the ruling “gratifying.”

“Cannabidiol shows no potential for abuse or dependence. The decision of the Court of Justice is good news for all CBD businesses and CBD consumers,” he said in a statement.

Another Bundestag member, Dirk Heidenblut, said that CBD was wrongly considered a narcotic and that the ruling will help remove “unnecessary hurdles” to regulating CBD products.

“Legal certainty needs to be established for production, trade and distribution,” he said.

Four other German lawmakers have called for increased CBD access in recent months. Germany has at times taken a hardline stance on CBD products, with local authorities conducting raids on cannabis specialty shops and lawmakers passing more stringent advertising regulations on CBD vape products.