CBD manufacturer launches 15,000-sq-foot extraction facility in Florida

A CBD maker and distributor in Florida has announced the opening of a new extraction facility in Tampa.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for Global Widget’s new 15,000-square-foot facility is scheduled for Oct. 9.

Co-CEO Kevin Collins said the new plant will help support community job growth and make CBD “more affordable and accessible to consumers who benefit from using it and to businesses who prosper from selling it.”

Global Widget, which makes and distributes hemp-derived CBD products for Hemp Bombs, Nature’s Script and Perfect Paws Hemp, said it has created nearly 200 managerial and manufacturing jobs at its three neighboring Tampa facilities. At its newest plant, CBD isolate and distillate will be extracted from hemp.

Chief Compliance Officer Margaret Richardson said the company is working with federal lawmakers and offering input to the Food and Drug Administration to help establish CBD as a legitimate, compliant industry that can benefit local businesses and boost state economies.

Global Widget is one of 13 CBD companies that are helping to fund a consumer research study on the effects of regular CBD use on humans. It has also been accused in a Massachusetts court of selling CBD with “either no amount of the challenged ingredients, or amounts too low to have any pharmacological effect.”

2 comments on “CBD manufacturer launches 15,000-sq-foot extraction facility in Florida
  1. Ray on

    Wait until they figure out CBG will be easier and less regulated to extract and sell than CBD. I’m surprised Hemp Industry Daily and your “reporters” don’t focus more on smokable CBG. CBD is so controversial and a pain in the ass to market thanks to the FDA and corrupt DEA. I’m glad I’m a states rights person and not in the Republicans big government pocket. If Trump wanted cannabis legal it would have been done so by now. Prove me wrong.

    Buy some cannabis stock and vote libertarian.

    • Kristen Nichols on

      I hope you had a chance to check out our feature “Minor Cannabinoids, Major Profits” in the January 2020 magazine, and our special report our last month about smokable hemp. We also have had several conference sessions and followup stories on the market potential for CBG and other minor cannabinoids. You say CBG extraction is easier? Hit us up [email protected] and let us know more!


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