CBD oil is illegal in Indiana, state’s attorney general rules

CBD oil on Tuesday was officially banned in Indiana – mostly.

State Attorney General Curtis Hill sought to end months of confusion by ruling that CBD oils are against the law in Indiana.

However, he stipulated that patients suffering from epilepsy seeking relief from seizures may use the controversial oils, the Indianapolis Star reported.

The newspaper also noted that Hill’s ruling didn’t explain “how those patients would obtain the oil since it would be illegal to sell it in the state.”

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a law on April 26 legalizing the use of CBD to treat epilepsy.
  • Indiana State Excise Police said this year they considered CBD to be illegal and began confiscating such products.
  • The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission then said it was unsure about the legal status of CBD products and stopped confiscations.
  • Hill on Tuesday said it’s up to individual police departments and prosecutors to choose whether they charge people for possession of CBD oil.


12 comments on “CBD oil is illegal in Indiana, state’s attorney general rules
  1. Christopher Simmons on

    I find it interesting, that the most “back water states”, have the most ignorant people, archaic laws, depressed educational systems and non-progressive mom and pop politicians that know nothing about industry or the world. I would encourage concerned citizens to leave these municipalities and states to their own blight and demise and leave these states, never to look back!


    As a manufacturer that secures CBD isolate from a Government approved grow operation, and then uses the raw materials to manufacture a sub lingual spray that the federal government has taken the position that my product can legally be shipped to all 50 states..all I can say is this is just ridiculous…how long will it take to understand that CBD alone will not get you high…what it will do is manage pain and a whole lot more…should we just make opioids free..while the drug companies come into the natural supplement industry through the back door…very sad.

  3. al simon on

    Too many politicians forget that they work for the people not the other way around. although our industry is growing by leaps and bounds we are still fragmented, its time we attempted to organize and create and fund a national organization that will speak for and lobby for our industry . We have come a long but there is a long way to go, let’s not kid ourselves we have a lot of enemies that will continue to try to destroy the cannabis business, that we have built and are proud to be part of. Until we are strong enough to start kicking ass where it needs to be kicked, and are able and strong enough and if necessary to be feared and respected as an industry our enemies are going to keep coming. Their is no doubt the public is on our side,lets make sure the politicians are kept aware of that fact.

  4. Chuck on

    The DEA approved the sell of CBD in all 50 states back several years ago. There is no way this man can stop it as we need to remember what they keep preaching. FEDERAL law Trumps State law always. This is the reason no one overrides what is already approved by the DEA for sale in every State.

  5. Vern on

    As the President of the Oregon Cannabis Growers Assn. I have seen and heard it all, I thought. This is a simple case of someone in power, who must have not done any research, investigation, or tried CBD for themselves, who is passing State wide laws without regard to facts. Do you really want a person with such a narrow and closed mind making laws that you and your loved ones will have to live with.
    When laws are passed without regard to do diligence, or any kind of knowledge, you now have a dictator in office. How many other laws has this person put in place with the same lake of facts?
    It is sad for the people who don’t want t take pills, and or don’t have the money to spend on Big Pharma’s so called “medicine”.
    Full spectrum CBD oil, that has been properly extracted will have no trace elements of any THC.

  6. Bridget Gaffin on

    This is insane absolutely insane !!
    CBD / Hemp oil does not contain THC.
    This is just a government tactic to keep the pharmaceutical companies going !!
    I suffer from fibromyalgia degenerative disc disease spinal stenosis osteoarthritis occular migraines generalized anxiety disorder and ptsd
    CBD oil is saving my life ! Until you suffer with anxiety so bad you want to end your life and NO medication from docs help ,,,, sit down and shut up !!! Cbd oil has taken 85% of my anxiety away… and I’m still here alive for my kids and grandkids .

  7. Garry R. on

    How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

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