Delta-8 THC confusion snags South Carolina retailer

A vape shop owner in South Carolina is challenging police over $5,000 worth of delta-8 THC products confiscated from his store.

Robert Oggenfuss, owner of TSR Vape Shop in Clinton, says the products were derived from legal hemp. Authorities have not charged him with a crime pending lab analysis.

“I want my product back so I can make my sales, so I don’t lose customers,”  Oggenfuss told WYFF-TV.

South Carolina law does not specifically address delta-8 THC, an isomer of delta-9 THC that can cause mild intoxication.

Federal law is unclear on the legality of delta-8 THC if it comes from a hemp extract. The gray area has many producing delta-8 THC from excess CBD isolate.

Eleven states currently ban delta-8 THC entirely: Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island and Utah.

A smoke-shop operator in south Texas has been charged with drug crimes for selling delta-8 THC products that came from hemp.

16 comments on “Delta-8 THC confusion snags South Carolina retailer
  1. Kerry Ortega on

    Ban all delta 8 products as all companies are lying about what’s in it!! There’s no oversight whatsoever and they’re putting bleach and other hazardous chemicals inside those cartridges!!

    • Steve on

      You’re full of crap. No reputable dealer would do that. It would ruin them. If you don’t want D8, don’t get any, but let others do what they want. Stop spreading lies about the product, & DONT get anything that doesn’t come from a reputable source!

    • Jay Blas on

      Where are you getting your information from? This statement is purely made up of false information with no solid proof behind it.

    • James Gallagher on

      Kerry Ortega, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. I will give u $10,000 if you show me one finding of bleach in a delta-8 product.

    • Dustin Moritz on

      You are without chronic pain and ate a low life that would prefer people get subjected to opiates! Shame on you!!!!!!!

    • Max on

      Chill out Kerry, or should I call you Karen? Your comment is flat out ridiculous and there are no facts to support it. The only ban that needs to happen is on misinformed people like yourself speaking on subjects they know nothing about.

  2. Leigh Ann Foster on

    Why can a drunk drive . And legally this drunk can buy alcohol ,and unable to do any thing. And a adult can’t buy anything to do with pot in it ..what is wrong with this pic.
    PS when a adult uses pot they don’t get violent,mean,aggressive, and so on.

  3. Chevy on

    How about just legalize it already and stop the bs. Nobody likes a drunk or a crackhead. Cigarettes kill. Its big pharm, tobacco and alcohol companies that are gonna lose. Everyone else wins. The jobs n creations are limitless. Its time to stop the suboxone and methadone clinic tax free private owned money because they push opioids. Its a revenue cycle and pure smoke n mirrors. Legalize the real deal and the bs dissapears

  4. Dustin Moritz on

    I personally don’t like the strong don’t but d8 gives me pain relief as I have a broken back as well as osteoporosis from doctors injecting steroids in my spin for 20 years. D8 has zero head high but does help with chronic pain. I have lost faith with our government allowing adults to make our own decisions as adults and it doesn’t matter what political party you believe in.

  5. lisa on

    All Hemp in the USA is Marijuana
    Just grown an compromised to stay .03 thc level
    An then called hemp. Anything over that .03% is considered federally illegal folks,
    Education is very important in this kind of matter

    • kb on

      @lisa, actually under .3% (not .03%) is the designation line which delineates “hemp” from “marijuana”. Therefore hemp grown in the USA which meets the .3% designation is considered hemp not marijuana.

    • jaye on

      no… anything over .03 “thc 9” is illegal… delta 8 levels aren’t specified as delta 8 is considered legal in every state that has legislators with half a brain… if you’re going to call yourself educating people… make sure you know what you’re talking about…

  6. Patrick on

    Seriously leave delta 8 alone you don’t like it dont buy it it helps me immensely without it I’m suicidal I’m in texas and these backward hicks will be the last too legalize you can drink all you want so at least leave this alone let us smokers have at least one positive in our lives.Its not hurting anyone if your stupid enough too take too much its your fault not the products always wanting too ban something hey why don’t you ban yourself for being an uppity prick

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