European Commission weighs narcotic label for CBD, halts ‘novel food’ applications

The European Commission has decided to halt “novel foods” applications to infuse edibles with CBD because it’s considering labeling the ingredient as related to narcotics.

European Union regulators have said that cannabinoid extracts such as CBD are subject to a 1997 provision called the Novel Food Regulation, a set of guidelines for evaluating consumer safety before putting new ingredients in food.

About 50 companies have filled out novel foods forms for their CBD products, but the European Commission has paused the applications to get feedback from applicants about its proposal, just-food reported Friday.

Applicants have been informed of the commission’s preliminary views.

EU food regulations are enforced by member states, leading to a patchwork of enforcement landscapes across the continent, as well as a thriving illicit market for CBD products.

2 comments on “European Commission weighs narcotic label for CBD, halts ‘novel food’ applications
  1. roy desveaux on

    follow the money has nothing to do with possible harm to people it didn’t harm people for the thousands of years people have consumed hemp products longest human trial of any product in history .isn’t that right big pharma

  2. Andy Ward on

    Yes I know chaps, lets take the worlds oldest medicine in the world and tell the public it’s actually dangerous drugs. That’s bound to work. They will believe us and then we can charge them even more money for using a naturally occurring plant from the earth that never hurt anybody, only healed them. We are in no way evil.

    What is wrong with these people? Oh yes, they are mostly over-paid psychopaths that don’t give a flying fuck about human life, that’ll be it.

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