FDA extends deadline for public comments on CBD rules

U.S. health regulators are giving hemp entrepreneurs and the public more time to weigh in on looming CBD rules.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said in an announcement posted Thursday that comments will be accepted until July 16, two weeks longer than before.

The FDA forbids the use of CBD in ingestible products such as food and dietary supplements.

But the FDA has only sporadically enforced its ban, and some states have given CBD manufacturers express permission to make and sell CBD foods, drinks and dietary supplements.

FDA officials leading the CBD review said earlier this week the agency is “committed to evaluating the regulatory frameworks for nondrug uses, including products marketed as foods and dietary supplements.”

4 comments on “FDA extends deadline for public comments on CBD rules
  1. Brenda Eubank on

    I think everyone should be able to get cbd oil it helps a lot of people and problems, please keep it where I can get it, it has helped me.

  2. Melissa on

    I suffer from anxiety. I do not like taking Xanax because it’s addictive. CBD has changed my life and I can now work and have adventures with my grandson without anxiety or Xanax. Please keep CBD out of the hands of pharmacists.

  3. Yvonne Markiewicz on

    I have 2 types of lupus and have been taking CBD since last September. I feel like a different person! CBD has given me my life back!!
    Pleeeeeease keep it accessible where we get it now and NOT in the sole hands of the pharmacists.

  4. Canabd on


    I love your writing on “FDA extends deadline for public comments on CBD rules”. Your post is very much helpful and informative. Keep up the good work and present us your best.


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